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Mac1251 is the new standard in character set conversion. With support for over 50 major character sets spanning three different platforms, there will no longer be a file or web page that cannot be deciphered. Special features include conversion between character sets and translation of text originating from different platforms that has become corrupted.

Mac1251 will prove an invaluable tool for those working with foreign language texts on a frequent basis. An entire web page or lengthy text document can be converted from meaningless characters into human-readable text in a fraction of a second.

Its intuitive interface means that files can be decoded in two easy steps, whilst text copied from a web page or other source is converted with a single click.


  • Convert text encoded in one of 50+ character sets into Unicode
  • Supports Windows, DOS, Macintosh, ISO and other character sets
  • Convert between character sets (e.g. Windows-1251 to MacCyrillic)
  • Decode text directly from files (raw text and HTML) whilst preserving the original
  • Decode text whose encoding has become corrupted
  • Save decoded text to file
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface

  • Over 50 character sets

    One-click conversion

    System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.2.8 or greater
  • 2 MB free disk space
  • Download

    Currently a demo version is available for download. The demo can only convert up to 100 characters and does not feature all the character sets present in the full version.
    Since the program is still at the beta stage, you may find a bug or two rearing its head. Please report any you find to our pest control department.
    The full version is currently in preparation and should become available in late September (time and bugs permitting!).

    Download Mac1251 0.15 (2 MB)

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